Ex asked me how I've been doing after 3 months of not talking to me?

What do I tell him? Honestly I've been doing very bad, feeling like crap and mostly spent my time hating him and missing him. So do I lie to him and say I've been doing good? Do I ignore him? Or do I tell him how I've really been doing?


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  • That depends, do you want to talk to him?
    If you do, be honest.

    You need to get those feelings off of your shoulders.
    Pent them up and they only become worse.


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  • It's your call, your choice, sweetie, if you Chose to go down a path of a possible Full circle pattern of going in circles with This... Feeling like crap and mostly spent my time hating him and missing him.
    He is probably Missing the kissing and the history you both shared. However, Caring does not always means Sharing anymore, just wanting you in his life with little or no strife.
    He is reaching out to most likely keep you in his life. And although he may not want to go back to being two birds of a feather, he is finding in his own way and in his heart, how his little chickadee these days is doing because he may get a thrill and some satisfaction of knowing You... Miss him too.
    Good luck. xx


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  • If he dumped you then do not say you have been miserable. Do not ever tell a guy who dumped you that cause it makes you look bad. Instead tell him you've been good and maybe ask him how he is doing. Don't overdo it or. put much emotion into it. Short and sweet is key.

  • How did he ask you this - text, face2face, email, instagram, other, etc?


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