How to handle seeing someone who hurt me?

So from February to June I was very close to a guy. We were texting or whatsapping several times a day and often had long phone calls that went on quite late. He suddenly stopped talking to me and has just started dating a girl.
I'm going out with a large group on Sunday and him and his girlfriend will be there. I've accepted that they're together but I'm nervous. I want to avoid either ignoring him completely or going over the top "look how much fun I'm having without you"
Any advice? I don't see why I should stay away because I don't believe in letting others stop me doing things.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You don't have to stay away or stop doing things you like just because he and his girlfriend will be there, you can still avoid him, ignore him even if you two are there in the same area, or vicinity it's hard but it's possible. Just pretend that he is invisible to you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • it's your choice whether you want to ignore him , or don't wanna go with your large group of friends or show him that your perfect without him.
    Accept it now that he's dating another girl. and just don't show him that your feeling sad or what. i know that it hurts a little bit to see a guy whom you talked a lot with, whom you spent time with spent time with is now dating another girl.
    go with your friends enjoy be happy also meet him say hello to him and his girlfriend with a smile and don't show him that your nervous jealous or any other bad weirdo face expression.
    don't talk much with him like asking how he started his relationship with his new girl, how has he been? etc etc.
    just talk a little with him and then walk away with your head straight and laugh with your friends.

    • Sounds like good advice. It's bowling and a meal so I have some flexibility. I'll probably try being polite and friendly with them and not show any hurt

    • Im glad that it helped you.
      yes be confident :) Don't be nervous

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  • I suppose it should be fine to completely ignore him.


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  • Just be yourself don't overreact, it will come off fake or trying too hard. Don't worry it will be ok.


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