Boyfriend has photos of the past. What does it mean?

My boyfriend walked away of his previous relationship and he doesn't get along with his ex. He seems to be completely over her but he keps a few pictures from that time in his computer. Most of them are only of him and his children but he has a couple of him, his ex and the children, together and happy. Is this normal, to want to look at that, or hold on to that, even after you moved on?


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  • Well, on one hand it seems okay but on the other it could also mean that he has certainly not forgotten his past, he still hasn't completely gotten over it. However if it doesn't affect his present or his relationship with you then it wouldn't be a big issue, otherwise I would say it's not normal according to me. That's my view.

    • I never got the vibe that there was unfinished business, but then again, what goes inside his head only he knows...

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  • Just because they aren't together doesn't mean he never cared or they didn't have good times. Ignore it, they are nothing but memories and you are right now.

    • Thank you. I think the same way but I guess there's always some insecurity involved. It's always good to know someone else's opinion and make sure we're not ignoring something that shouldn't be ignored.

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