Sorry for the long post, please can someone read and try make sense for me, head is everywhere. ?

Me and my ex was together 3 years, we was engaged, lived together and just had the most amazing relationship, he also brought my son up as his own (not his dad) for 3 years, their bond was amazing and my ex loved my son. We was also trying for a baby and we had only planned and booked our wedding 2 weeks before he left. Before he left me he was working nights, I found out I sad pregnant 2 days before he left me but didn't want to tell him at work, before I got the chance to tell him he left me. Before he left he was still sharing things on fb (irrelevant as that might seem), still telling me he loved me. When we split he didn't everything he could to not want to see me, when he came to collect his things he was adamant I was to be out. When I told him I was pregnant in was devastated that he said it was a 'lie', I brought 2 tests and told him I would prove it but he didn't want to see for himself. I told his parents and they was very funny towards me, so I got my dad to go over to talk to them, my ex said nothing in front of my Dad about it being a lie, he said he didn't want me to keep the baby, my mum then spoke to his mum on the phone and she asked if I had made a choice yet. We had a couple of joint debts and they wanted a forwarding address for him, he's living with his mum so I gave them that address, he wasn't happy about this, his mum blocked me on everything and my ex shut me out full stop. His mum and dad helped us pay the deposit when we moved into our house and they then decided (with a 5 year old) I should move out the house, my ex also decided he wanted all the possesions out the house (some are on finance) but this would leave me instantly with nothing. He's not once been in touch to even ask how my son is (the one time he did he said it's hard not seeing him).

After we split my ex threw himself into other girls, including his exs, 6 weeks after we split i found out he had a new girlfriend, I was heartbroken, then I found out it'


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  • Your 5 year old son is the prime victim here. He had no part in any of this and now he's had the major male figure ripped out of his life. He's learning what it is to be a man and his role model has proved to be an asshole. He's at high risk for growing up to treat women and children the same way.
    The next victim here is your unborn who will grow up without both a mother and a father.
    You're the third victim. This guy was not who you thought he was. He did a good job of faking it until it came to commitment in marriage. It turns out you picked an asshole. Forgive yourself and move on. Nice people don't always fall in love with nice people.

    • But he must want commitment and what we had? As he's now in a new relationship involved with her child?

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