Why does she continue to talk to me after we broke up?

We both started as really good friends this year, hung out, went on dates, took one another to family events, shared our interests with each other. We had a lot in common, and really hit it off. We never really argued about anything major. But within these past two weeks she just went and broke up with me, I was confused and heart broken. But not even two days after we broke up she started talking to me like we were still the best of buds, even offered go to the park and just hang out. Is this some kind of female mind game or what... Oh and by the way we dated a little under 8 months.
When she was venting during her break up she mentioned how she was always so confused on how I never got angry with her. I never saw a reason to argue with her.


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  • She's probably just being social and wants to keep you as a friend, you should distance yourself, don't be at her beck and call.


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  • She probably lost interest in you or found someone else. Dude I would recommend taking this loss and moving on. If it really bothers you then talk to her about it and its your decision if you don't want to stay friends.

    • We've already talked it over and said we would be friends. I also know she isn't seeing anyone else. It just really blew me away how out of the blue she broke up with me. I mean I'm over it now, I'm just curious.

    • She probably didn't invest in the relationship as much as you did and decided that you would be better as friends. Well she didn't feel the spark between you and that's okay.

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