He broke up saying I deserve better; I still love him; will he come back?

Finally he told me that we can't be together because his family won't be able to accept me and hence we won't have a future together. He added that we would have disagreements and misunderstandings as I've been brought up in a better way than he is and that I deserve better. Before commitment and during the initial days, he was the one who was very confident in a future together and he also wanted to marry me. I feel we are cute and perfect together and complement each other really well.

He said he started feeling otherwise since a week after commitment and had started getting over me since then and now he is completely out of the relation and over me. But all the time he was getting over, I had been getting into him and the relation more deeply. My preferences had started confining around him. He had become my satisfaction, my destination. He told me about breaking up after he completely got out of the relation. (Ours was a long distance relation.)

This break up happened about two months back and I was calling and texting him for a month, saying that I need him back and that I wanted to retain us. I had done the mistake of crying, pleading and begging already during this one month, which must have made him more strongly neglect me and more easily move away.

I have not contacted him since almost a month now; he had not contacted me either. I'm clueless if he would miss me and ever come back to me. I'm maintaining no contact just because I've always been there for him and have never given him a chance to miss me. I still love him the same and more. Will he ever come back? Is there anything I could do to get him back by himself? I miss the two of us together and I genuinely wish to spend my life with him.


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  • He could have been using the "you deserve better" as a way of making you perhaps less sad. It could be that he simply lost interest as plain as that and he was just coming up with other excuses. If it's been 2 month now I think it's best to move on.


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  • I'm sorry I know it hurts but he's gone, time to move on

  • wait for him to contact you


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