Why would a guy ruin the relationship with the girl of his dreams?

My ex started to fade and eventually our relationship ended. He always and still says that I am the most amazing girl he ever knew on his entire life, that I am everything he always dreamed of and our relationship was perfect. So why would he hurt me like this and abandon me? We have zero contact and he never explained to me why.


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  • he may have some skeletons in his closet that he can't reveal to you.
    or he loves you but has a real huge inferiority complex. he will think he cannot keep you happy, because he cannot take the responsibility.
    or he liked you, but could not love you cos he's scared of commitments.
    or he's lying and you were just a convenience/obligation. and he's smooth talking his guilt.
    or he fell for someone else and couldn't get out of it. or felt he betrayed you and can't forgive himself.

    solution to all: move on.


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  • Sometimes guys try and let you down easy, because they don't like confrontation and tears. You may never know why, but you know he doesn't want to be with you.

  • Dredging up stories from the past may be very Long Shots/guesses with no more details to offer than just this billboard, 10-words-or-less Q...
    a) he was shopping for hot steamy sex and considered you to be too fine & wholesome for this present urge... hopes this is true so that when he's done, you'll still be pristine and accept him back when shopping for a bride - however, most of these get waylaid and find a combination of angel/sex lover to marry
    b) one of his conquests saw him distracted by you, so jerked his zipper down and reminded him who he likes best & why


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