I met up with my Ex twice?

I'm still in love with him but I met up with him twice I kept on messaging him but I felt like I was annoying him but he hardly replies anyways I want to keep on meeting up with him but I feel like he's moved on he said to me if I need anything I should meet up with him sometimes I feel like I'm trying to hard.
What should I do keep on see him or leave him alone?


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  • Leave him alone completely. Its good for you to see that you dont need him and that you have your own life to enjoy, and if he really wants you back, your absence will make him miss you and wonder where you are. Maybe he will realize he needs you more than you need him.. but give him space to figure it out himself.

  • Leave him alone. You are the one initiating almost all of this. He seems to have moved on.

    If he texts you after you leave him alone, great and go from there.


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