Should I ask him or leave it alone?

I posted a question about my me and my ex yesterday and I need more input please!

We got to talking last week and I finally asked him why he broke things off with me and he said "I know it sounds dumb but I started liking you too much and it terrified me. I missed you as my girlfriend and losing you as a friend sucked." He even admitted to regretting it when I asked him.

The thing is, he's moving to another state in a couple weeks and I don't know what to think about all this...he says he wants to keep in touch and all that. In the previous post people said it sounds like he wanted me back, etc. The truth is, I still love him and I want him back...should I just let it go though since he's leaving?

He's moving 4 a job. He got offered the job 2 weeks before we broke up. It's been 3 months since we broke up and it's not like we were exactly great friends during that time,it just seems like a waste of time 2 tell me these things and want 2 spend time w/


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  • I'm so sorry that you're in this situation. It's a sticky one.

    He obviously cares for you very deeply. He is simply so worried about what him moving will mean for you two, that he is compelled to break up with you.

    Would you like a long distance relationship? How far away from you is he moving? Is it a permanent move? Is this for a job? For a school? Did he decide to move before or after ya'll met? I am asking these things because, if you two really want to make it work, they are crucial. I think that he might be willing to make it work.

    Maybe you should simply "let it go"... but mark my words... this life being what it is, you guys might come back to one another one day when you least expect it. If there is love between you two, you might find one another again and it might even be sweeter at that time...!

    Good luck, girl!

  • I think he thinks it might be easier to break things off now rather than later. Maybe he thinks a long distance relationship between the two of you wouldn't last. It sounds like he does like, he said so himself, but he might be scared of a LDR. Just let him know that somehow the two of you could work it out.


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