My girlfriend broke up with but is she a gold digger?

Me and my girlfriend broke up 2 days ago... It's been a year and we were the best friends and lover type of relationship... We had a strong bond and she has 2 kids who told me I was their mothers best boyfriend even better than their own father...

I never knew this but she came out if nowhere saying she wants a "provider". Said love isn't enough she wants a man who can pay for everything and support her and her kids...

I don't make much and I have an apt and I spend my extra money on her and her kids...

She told me she teAches her kids to never pay for a man that a man has to pay for them. That was disturbing.

She broke up me a few times before with some reason I thought could be fixed but She would come begging me back after a week... I found out she cheated on me twice each guy was some guy with money house and big muscles... She would think the grass was greener then find out they were jerks or one of them had a girlfriend and just wanted a side hoe...

I'm the love concurs all type if person and I thought she was too and I was looking forward to building a future with her but it seems she is a gold digger and using me as a filler until she finds that "provider"

Does anyone Agree with me?
She has a full time job and she gets child support from the father...

Her ex made 6 figures and she didn't work and he wasn't the kids father... I heard she was cheating while he was at work and that's why they divorced...


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  • I feel the exact same thoughts, your life with her will be a waste of time one sided love, unneeded stress, and a lot of regrets

  • "She told me she teAches her kids to never pay for a man that a man has to pay for them" That's bad. Very bad. She's teaching them how to be gold diggers.

    But she teaching her kids to be. I mean she wants some support for her kids. I understand that. Hopefully she has a job her damn self, but I understand that.

    ... Wait... wait... I missed something. I missed that last part.

    Now that I've read the rest...

    Weeeeeeellll... she a gold digger.

    • If I were you I'd get one last nut off with her then leave the bitch.

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    • Damn. Smh.

    • Loooool

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