Do you think an apology after break up works?

I broke up with a guy I was dating, he told me he was seeing someone else. We had a fight after break up, at first he said let's be friends but I ended sending him too many messages that he just say that I should stop sending too many texts and that it was really bothering him and I think he doesn't want to know anything about me anymore. I texted him an apology after two weeks or so for the behaviour and that I understand everything he had say. At first he read it and he replied after a day saying that it's forgotten and he apreciates the apology and he said have a nice day. but i kinda want him to still have some interest for me. what do you think?


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  • Personally, i wouldn't contact him again. If he wants you to be part of his life then he'll make an obvious effort to put you in it. You shouldn't have to fight for a spot. Don't put your life on hold for him , move on with your life. If he is meant to be in it.. then he'll catch up 💜

    • I'm not holding on my life for him, I've been going out with other people as well and visiting my friends, focus on my studies and I started to go bck to the gym. I just felt I need it to apologize. Cuz I started to think if I were on his shoes I wouldn't like someone to say those things or act like I acted. So I apologize. But It also makes me sad cuz we had a great time together, it was like when u meet someone and u don't have to pretend to be someone else.

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    • You're welcome! 💜xx

    • Thank you for the MHO!

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  • It doesn't work.


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