Ex girlfriend says she is not 100% happy with me?

My ex girlfriend who I've been with back and forth for quite some time came back into my life recently and due to certain circumstances we couldn't stay together well we've managed to stay civil and be friends and communicate and I asked her was she not happy when she came back to me and she told me she was not 100% happy and that she didn't feel like she was accepted or that she could be herself completely around me, I asked her why this was so and she said she can't really explain it and says that I don't do anything wrong at all or that it's not me.. does she not know how to be loved? Is she insecure with herself I don't understand why I intimidate her so much or why she seeks so much approval from me and this other guy she was involved with seemed to make her completely happy


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  • Who's the other guy she's involved with? And how do you know she's involved with him? Is it sexually and romantically or are they just mates?

    • Well she had left me for quite some time for this other guy and now because of a baby situation she left me again after confessing to me to a couple days earlier that she wanted to be with me and she missed me and such but because he is the father she now wants to try to make it work even though she knows it might not, she said she didn't intend on leaving me but when she found out she was pregnant everything changed

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    • So remain friends with her and love her from afar and try to let her. You never know what can happen... time... time, can always do a lot

    • So why do you think she feels that she can't be completely herself around me or that she feels she's not accepted the last time she came back to me before she found out about the baby? She came back to me on her own terms I don't understand why she's so intimidated by me when I simply love her so much.. why do I not make her 100% happy or feel accepted

  • She's just trying to make you feel better.

    • Make me feel better about what? I didn't ask her to come back she hit me randomly wanting to be back with me telling me how much she missed me and stuff and how toxic her relationship with the rebound guy was

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