My ex is commenting on my Facebook, liking my pictures and took a screen shot of a few of my Snapchats, what is she thinking?

A bit of background I met my ex girlfriend at college and we got into a really intense relationship. I lived with her for a month and we got super close and really serious. Everything was really great between us but there was a huge problem. She is from a different country and lives thousands of miles away from me. We were good for a couple of weeks after school ended and she was back in her country but then in the middle of a conversation she tells me that she "can't be in a relationship with no future" and we break up. So there's no lack of love and I didn't do anything wrong. I don't know how hard it was on her but I am still messed up over it because I really love her. So initially we weren't talking. A few months pass and she texts me in response to a really fucked up thing she heard had happened to me. That's fine. Since then we have had little conversations here and there about different stuff. Nothing serious but a few days ago she screenshotted a couple snapchats of myself from my story and today she liked my profile picture and commented on it jokingly. We are going to see each other in a few weeks and I am really confused about all of this? Is it stupid of me to think that she misses me or that I may have a chance of getting back together with her? If not what is she thinking?


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  • She sounds like the average stalker ex girlfriend to me


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  • I don't think your stupid at all, you clearly loved her and she ended things so naturally your still gonna have feelings and her liking your stuff on Facebook etc. Is probably so confusing for you as she ended the relationship. My advice is don't make any moves on her when you do get to see her, just act normal and like a friend. Keep your guard up for sure, you don't want to get hurt all over again... and if she comes off like she wants you talk to her about it and explain that if she isn't looking to be in a relationship again with you then your not comfortable being intimate

    • Thank you the advice, I feel like this is what I was thinking, but it really helps to hear that I'm not nuts.

    • Your welcome... don't ever think your crazy because your feeling something! Feelings are out of our control... otherwise we wouldn't get hurt. I wish you the best and hope love finds you one day... you seem like a sweet guy so it'll happen when you least expect it.

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