Why does my ex girlfriend do this?

So I broke up with my girlfriend a couple weeks ago apparently her saying she just wants to be friends and we spent 2 weeks apart until I had no choice but to talk to her at a party, as usual I'm my normal self very charming and flirty and we kissed a lot, but I also kissed another girl 3 times to help her with a lesbian problem she had (trying to get her ex jealous), so me and my ex girlfriend decided we should sort everything out because it is quite awkward and her friends always pull her away from me when I think she doesn't want it because she says 'I can't talk to you cos my friends are here and something will kick off'.

But today was another party I didn't kiss anyone or anything and she got quite drunk and sent this:

'Not being funny/ don't take this as me being jealous but apparently you're like obsessed with Abbie', and then started asking me how i started messaging her and that I've kissed someone 3 times that I've been talking to for a week and she then said 'helping her out by kissing her? Honestly do what you want to do'

what gives, when she kissed me she wasn't drunk she says I fuck her head up and stuff and that's what I'm trying to sort out but is she jealous even tho she said she wasn't and insisted she wasn't when I called her that she was lying she used the excuse of someone told me you were obsessed with her and I was telling you FOR YOUR SAKE, which I think was a loud of bull and then when I said you've been drinking and told her I was tired and said bye and that I'll message her in the morning she wasn't happy and then straight after I said I was tired her friend messaged me saying 'u still awake' bit of a coincidence.

so what do you think, I think she is jealous and has feelings for me even tho she says she wants to be friends but her actions say very different than her words?


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  • She's confused.


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  • She has feelings but you also became a douchebag when you kissed someone else. This is no way to treat a lady. I maybe from a different background but you should apologize.
    And as for the person with the lesbian tendency (Abbie). She should go and seek religion. Stupid thing really to ask such a favor. If she can't control her urges don't ask for help. Weak-willed really. And next time if someone asks such a favor tell her to jump off a building otherwise don't have your pity.
    And restrain from physical contact in future.


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