Guys feelings after a breakup based on what he said?

My boyfriend and I broke up about a week ago. We had been dating about a year and we got into a bad fight. I pushed him (even tho I know I shouldn't have) bc I could tell he was pulling away from me. He said he was thinking about a breakup and said when he said breakup he didn't mean permanent, maybe just a couple weeks, to get things together. He was going through a tough time at work and I had my stuff to work on too. We ended up breaking up during a heated argument and he said things like "maybe this will be your wakeup call" and "i'm only calling this a breakup because you won't give me space otherwise!" He said he could see us being together in the future but not right now until we fixed our individual stuff. I texted him a couple days after the breakup when emotions weren't as high to see when/if we could talk and he was really nice and said "Thanks for your message. I'd like to take a few weeks minimum apart before we really talk." I asked him to be the one to reach out to me and he agreed. He told me before breaking up with me that he loved me with all his heart, he just didn't know how to fix our fighting. He's never given me a reason not to trust him before... does he mean it when he say he'll call and we can talk? I have keys to his house and he hasn't asked for them back and he asked about how to get my dad his birthday present for him when I texted him this week!


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  • He wants space, give it to him.
    Don't think he is looking at other options or anything like that, he just has a lot on his mind


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  • he's not over you.


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