Why doesn't he love me? please please help. sorry its long =(( ?

Dated this guy for 3 months, we just broke up and these past few days have been hard. I broke up with him because he allowed his family to come in the way of us seeing each other. i was going to drive to pick him up so we can go to his first dj gig and i wouldve supported him (like i always do with his music). His family doesn't like me, and on the day of the concert, his mom told him that if he goes with me, she's kicking him out. so he told me to stay home and he went with his family. i broke up with him, not because of the turmoil between his fam and i, but bc he allowed it to come between our time together. all week he hasn't even called to checp up on me. why? he has no job, but he has some money. he's not able to use his moms car anymore. and when i was talking about breaking up with him, he didn't fight for me. he didn't even try to argue with me. but just last week, we were telling each other we love one another. when we're together, he says its like no one else is around. i never ask for a lot. i ALWAYS support him. i was understanding of him when he lost his job. i stuck with him even after his sis called me a bitch. I dont nag him at all. he would ask my opinion on music. he wrote/produced umerous songs about me. he called me his soul mate sincerely. last week he asked if he could help my fam and i move out the apt. i swear i see signs of love. but if he loved me, then please tell me why he hasn't called, texted, emailed?


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  • Is the guy from different background? Financial or otherwise?

    • yeah he's white, im black. family graduated from college, i didn't.

    • Well, that explains everything. His mother or sister is definitely not happy to see you with him.

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  • Maybe he didn't message u cuz he felt like u gave up on him? U know for a guy choosing between familly and his girlfriend is tough and mostly the guy will choose his familly especially that u have been dating for only 3 months , i think u shouldn't have broke up with him easily espacially that u love him so much , maybe u should try to text him so u can talk about all this together if he loves u as u are saying then he will try to figure this sitiation out with u tell him that it hurts u that he lets his familly get in between u and that u truly love him cuz if u remain waiting like that u will only be hurt he is probably hurt as much as u r now and didn't check up on u cuz u broke up with him
    give it a try :)

    • thanks alot! u been through this before?

    • No actually I fight with my boyfriend lol not cuz his family cuz of his friends sometimes ^^ Anyway i think that communication is the key in a relationship my boyfriend leaves me when he is upset and doesn't check up on me so i message him first after a fight ( when i see that the fight doesn't worth it )
      In a couple having a super pride only makes things tough for both of u so u shouldn't be ashamed to text him first or smth ^^ cuz u love him

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  • you should move on.


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