Ex came back to me and a month later broke up with me. What do I do?

So I got my ex boyfriend back 2 months after our first breakup. I had broken up with him because he was immature. He was immature through playing video games, lying and not having ambition. Story short, he came back because he "loved me like no other" and being away from me was the worst. I never wanted to break up with him because I too was deeply in love with him so I took him back thinking he had learnt his lesson. I wanted to start afresh and show him that I am willing to fix what went wrong and support him.

I had problems of my own such as depression and anxiety so during our breakup, I had worked on myself and saw the right people to help me develop skills to maintain it. He however used the time to be with a rebound girl. He realised that although she provided companionship, couldn't provide the things that I gave him. So when we got back together he explained to her that it wouldn't work.

During the first week he was still in the process of breaking things off with this girl. He saw her 3 times (from what I know). The 3rd time I found out through the looking through his phone. He had lied to me that day he was attending university and basketball. He was staying over at my place that day so I said yes. But when I found out he was seeing the girl instead to "talk things through", the trust that I had replenished from the time apart from him diminished again. I believe honesty is valued more than lying. He told me he didn't want to tell me as he knew I would be angry about it. Go figure.

The he several weeks back together were different. We wanted to take things slow but in the end fell back into our routine of staying over and spending a lot of time together. Before our first breakup, we had lived together to which I discovered his immature ways. This time I had influenced him to move out on his own. Even though things were looking great old things resurfaced. The first time I knew something was up was w


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  • Have some self respect. Walk away and never look back. You were good enough to give him a 2nd chance and he blew it. Any decent guy that really wanted to work things out would've taken that time apart the 1st time and worked on himself. He instead jumped right into another relationship. You on the other hand worked on yourself, you should be commended for it. Don't let this guy unravel your hard work you've put into yourself and he will. He is simply to immature to understand. Cut him out your life and concentrate on you. You can do way better than him. Trust me. I hope you well.


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