I can't stop stalking my ex boyfriend on social media, am I not over him?

We were together for 3 years and he dumped me 6 months ago. We were on and off after that, but he stopped contacting me about a month ago when his school started. He used to constantly keep tabs on me until a month ago. And now I started doing that shit. I honestly hate him and would never go back to him, he caused me so much pain and he was pretending he loves me for a long time. I don't even think about the past or the good memories I only think about what a liar and how evil he is. I don't ever want to look back and think of him with a smile, I want to forget I was ever with him and look back at it as this very bad experience that I had to learn on hard way. But for some reason I keep checking up on him. I just want to know if he is online, nothing else. I don't care where he is, where he's been or what he is doing. And every time he IS online I get this anger towards him and hope he's having a bad day. It's like an addiction. And I do hope that he contacts me just so I can ignore his pathetic ass. I think I feel this way because the last time we talked I was very friendly and polite, he needed something and asked me if I have it and I told him I don't I even went through trouble of finding the stupid thing he needed! Then I said I gotta go and even put a smiley in the end. He probably thinks what he did/was doing was all cool and that I will be there every time he needs me. I want to show him that I won't and that I very much regret everything I did after the breakup. I was just so stupid because I wanted to get him back but now there's no way in hell I would want that! We were in a LDR by the way.


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  • You're not alone in feeling hurt, but this "addiction" will only make it worse. Pride yourself on being the better person. You weren't the jerk, he was. You were a good person. Rise above the situation and realize that he just wasn't the one. You were with him for a reason. My two exes, getting over them wasn't easy, but I realized later on the lessons I learned while being with them and a little bit more about what kinds of guys to avoid, qualities I want, etc. Maybe you will too. ^.^


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