Guys, Do I have a spell on me lol?

Good guyfriend from the islands. We been friends for three years. I notice day one we met he was attached to me. He would follow me everywhere, not in a stalker way. He would look in to my eyes, like he knew me. He would call me stanger and I didn't know him. Our first conversation was great. We got to know each other more and I was in a relationship than but he was still around. He would say things like maybe next lifetime and he also said that I would never forget him. At first I took it as a threat but I was like maybe he's just playing. If im sick he's sick. I remember something was swollen in my throat. I didn't tell him and he call me and said he has the same issue. When we are out together, he likes silence sometimes. And I dont have to tell him anything, he knows. The eye contact he makes with me is out of this world. The hugs he give, he makes me feel loved. The longest hug ever. I dont want to ever leave his side. It takes us a while to say good bye. I think im going crazy. Because if we agrue and stop talking for a year we always come back strong and we stop talking again. That love is still there. I can't never take my mind off this guy. He won't go away. I go on dates but im thinking of him. He won't go away.


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  • We spell our words, so really language is a form of magic in that way. You two just have a very strong connection. There is a lot of science on these phenomenon. Rupert Sheldrake Morphic Resonance is a good place to start if you want to explore that topic more.

    It's not a spell no, you are just on the same wavelength as him. We are all beings of frequency and energy. And some people vibrate on the same level. You two obviously are very similar in that way.

    "if we agrue and stop talking for a year"? That's way to long if he can't be a constant in your life, then don't waste time on him. The stop start only amplified your emotions and not in the right way.


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