How long until you are over your ex?

If you were together for a year or more how long did it take you to "get over" them.


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  • well its been over a year since my last girlfriend of 2 years, it still hurts to see her/talk to her, i dont think you ever "get over" a relationship you put your heart and soul into especially if your the one that was broken up with, but im sure when you move on to someone new that pain you feel will be less and less, just know that they will always hold a spot in your heart, keep the good memory's, move on with your life and love again.

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    • Thank you for the response. It's been two weeks. We dated for just over 1 year and a months. He's already moved on and is ignoring me.

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    • thanks for the MHO :) hope everything works out for you :)

    • worst thing you can do is stay in the house all alone, if he consistently fallows you around just ignore him as best you can, he will go away once you start enjoying yourself again and meeting new people, again blocking him on social media is best, you don't want to expose yourself to whatever he's saying to other girls. best to just focus on getting yourself back to normal and getting yourself back to work :) looking for some one new can wait till you feel your ready, keep busy, surround yourself with friends and good people, focus on your career and you'll ride out this storm of emotions just fine :)

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  • it can take a lot of time.. depends on how much you liked or loved them... jumping in a new relationship is never a good idea.. we should take some time.. try to stay single and happy.. and then when someone awesome comes in our life. try again.. :)

    • Thank you for your response. My ex and I broke up 2 weeks ago after a big fight. We dated for a year and 6 months. He's ignoring me and seems to have already moved on.

    • i know it hurts.. i really know the feeling... you can cry... you can let it all out. but DO NOT try to get back with him.. try to do stuff you like, go out with friends.. movies.. hiking... make new friends.. enjoy being single for a few months.. think it is the best thing that happened to you. and you will not forget about it.. but you will be fine with it. and move on with a smile on your face.. :)

    • thanks for MHO. :)

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  • It would take more than a year cuz you've shared a lot of memories and feeling with that person and if it was true love its pretty hard to move on quickly

    • It's been over a month now and i think about him all the time. We were together 1 year and 6 months. I don't want to be broken up. He showed up to my hang out twice and told me last week he would give me back my stuff but hasn't done it. We broke up after a big fight and when I saw him he sad he's done he wants to be single. He seems to be moving on really fast to new people and it hurts. It's like all that time meant nothing to him :S

    • You means a lot to him but he act like he dont care but it's killing him inside
      When I broke up with my girlfriend 9 months ago I spent time in here presence (same school) with a lot of other girls but the one thing I was thinking about is here so it will take him time cuz you've been long time together and hell regret leaving you :)

    • That's what I hope. I want to get back together with him. We used to talk everyday and see each other every weekend. We were best friends and now it's like he died he's just gone you know?

  • Until she dies.

    Fortunately she did, during labor with the guy she cheated with.


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