What do men really want?

I have read that men like the chase and do not want women who are aggressive, but they like for women to initiate as it makes them feel wanted. So is a lady supposed to ask a guy out or not?

Men want a loyal woman but I have seen so many chase after women that cheat on them. So yes, she is unavailable and something to chase because she is too busy chasing someone else!


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  • I like chasing women and there's few things I enjoy more, but I also have a specific taste and am almost certain the ladies I go after aren't the reason women's cheating statistics look so appalling. They aren't hard to get because they read some "play hard to get book" and are putting on an act; they're actually hard to get because they're shy and cautious about men, and those girls when properly courted turn into the most loving and loyal partners.

    You ought to be advised though that almost all men on this site completely disagree with me on this issue and think I'm an archaic caveman.

    • Your answer sounds good...on paper. I would not say that I am shy. But I am reserved and because I have been hurt before, I tread lightly regarding my relationship with guys. I know not to pressure men. I know I am attractive but not conceited. I want to be pursued but I realize some men may be intimidated because I can come off very serious at first, so I will ask a guy out if he is trying. Recently, I have suggested to a guy that he ask me out because I was interested. Is this bad?

    • It may sound good on paper but it works even better in practice. At least it has for me.

      A girl suggesting to a guy that he ask her out is like the collect call of dating. You're basically asking him out yourself but just turning it around so that he's taking you out, and what he's probably thinking is that you just want him to pay for the date. I can see how giving him that impression would be bad.

    • "Collect call of dating" I will have to use this phrase at some point.

      Yes, I considered it as such and I paid my own way. Sure, it would have been nice for him to but I still initiated it. I wanted to see him again and wanted to make it easier. Guess it's time to move on since I messed that one up! LOL

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  • I love aggressive women, I hate doing the chasing, and especially I hate it when girls play hard to get because it makes me assume she is not interested.

  • exactly what girls want.


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