How long should I wait to block and delete my ex from social media?

He broke up with me late February and we kind of stayed in touch through Skype. We were in a LDR. Then his school started 3 weeks ago and he stopped showing up on Skype (he would show like once a week). One time he was online I asked him hows at school and how he's doing. It was a nice friendly chat and we talked a little bit. He said he doesn't log in on Skype anymore because he is busy and he simply forgets. :/ Then I told him that if he wanted to let me off easily and stop communicating with me that he should tell me because I don't like excuses. He said that's not what he wants that he still wants us to stay in touch. Well I noticed that I started checking up Skype more often, hoping he's gonna show up, and I know that's a bad thing. While he was online all the time I really wasn't even missing him and didn't even have the urge to talk to him because as long as he is online it felt like he is still there, home, and part of my life. There is this other program called Steam, it's for playing online video games, and he still keeps coming there though. It logs in the moment he turns his PC on. That's how it was with his Skype before but he on purposly took that option away for some reason. I'm always offline on Steam but since he doesn't show up on Skype I find myself sneaking to check if he is on Steam, and I hate that I do that. :( I want to stop this addiction. But I am afraid that if I do block him and delete him that he is gonna get offended and mad, and if he does want to see what I'm doing that he won't on purpose because he's mad that I blocked him and it's gonna think that I don't want to do anything with him anymore (which is not true, he knows I still care about him). I don't want him to think that I'm done with him. He doesn't have facebook but he still does have my phone number, so I guess if he really wanted to talk to me he would call me or tell a mutual friend to add him back, right? Is 3 weeks too soon to jump to conclusion that he is done with me and that "being busy" is just an excuse?
Or do you think I can/will get over him without having to delete him?


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  • You should block and delete your ex from social media until you wouldn't mind if he f*cked everyone in the city :) This is how you know you are truly over someone. Once you become indifferent to what they do with their d*ck or heart.

  • Do it ASAP.


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