Guys, If your ex saids they can't see a future with you when they break up with you, is that the truth or not even though they couldn't giveme reaso?

Reasons that are good*?
Guy's Help!!!
He always told me he sees this going long distance like marriage. We Talked About Getting Engaged, Kids, finances, living situation, the whole nine yards
Weeks before we broke up when we were at a wedding he said "it would be nice to have a wedding on a beach".

I don't know what to think? Help?


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  • It's usually the reason

    • What is? There was no good reason he gave me and weeks earlier he told me "it would be nice to have a wedding in a park".
      He always told me he saw us going the distance

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    • He told me that before the break up and I don't know It was over a stupid fight

    • Forget about him

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