Why would he still resentful with me? why guys play the victim?

I contact an old flame, the end of the relationship was really bad (about 8 months ago) , I went to see him to a city we agreed to meet and he left me for another women and spend the night with her (this is how we broke up obviously) We had many fights and he broke my heart with that. and he said I was the worst friend he ever had, and so on, when I only tried to support him with all his problems. although I may have caused trouble cuz I was insecure always about agreeing meeting him in that city. It was so awful when he went with someone else and I stayed that night with his friends (and it was pretty obvious I went to see him) and I kinda send him a text just to say hello (cuz I moved on already and I just wanted to be friendly) and he said why I haven erased him, that he has no interest in be in touch with me, and i said well i'm jjust grateful with u and sorry for everything and he was saying u repeat that a lot. and i was like ok. and he would asked why I haven't delete him. and that he is happy he wasn't that bad for me and that he likes to remember as good. and I just told him I'm grateful cuz I learnt from everything being bad or good.


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  • i think you did the right thing.


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