This guy I like told me he really liked me and now isn't calling me back?

So, I've liked this dude for a few months and I kind of got a feeling he liked me too, but he never said anything. I hadn't seen him in about 2 months, but I ran into him at a party about a week ago. He got tipsy and totally told me he was attracted to me, he thought I was confident, awesome, gorgeous, that he'd even told our mutual guy friend that months ago.

I was so taken aback that I didn't tell him my feelings back really, I just asked "why didn't you ever say anything!? " He told me "well guys can do things a little differently sometimes..ha ha"...

I also grilled him about some stories I'd heard about him. (about other girls etc..which all ended up being ridiculous rumors)

So, a few days later, I gave him a call just to invite him to a party at my house for New Years and he never called me back! What is the deal?

He's pretty shy and reserved. He had his heart broken by some girl he dated for 5 years too. He was very adamant in our conversation though that he would commit to someone if they'd commit to him. I'm just curious what I should think/do? give up? wait? please help, I'd appreciate input.


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  • He is probably a little embarrassed about telling his feelings so freely. If he does not call back, it is his loss, and I wouldn't pursue it anymore.

    • So would he seriously be so embarrassed that he'd just run? I don't get that but I guess I'm a girl. Especially since I called him, I felt that would let him know it's cool.

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