Guys, how to make my ex fiancee to fall in love again with me? How can I tell that he changed his mind about starting over?

I had posted last time when we just broke up... currently me and my ex is in good terms good friends. That's what he wants and I am ok because i still love him. A month ago he said he will consider starting over and giving me another chance after the changing of the house name and all other documents and utilities to my name. He stays in contact with me everyday (texting only no calls) talked about anything and ask how our day was. Hangs out with, went and see a movie, Helps with the up keep of the house, even treat me on my birthday. As weeks and days go by, the process of the house is going to be done this week. Everytime i tried to ask him about when is he coming home and about the starting over, he always says "i am not going to do anything until the house is done" or at times "we already talked about it" sometimes our texting gets nerve rocking. Now, we are a day close to finalizing the papers but he still won't say anything straight and clear or just give a hint that we are still going to start over or not. Just keep sayin " we will talk about it soon". I am very confuse. GUys please enlighted me as it is so hard to read a man's mind. Is he still have feelings for me? Is he still going to start over with me? how would i know he change his mind? what can i do to lower his guard? what can i do to come back and keep him? Guy's i really need your answers.


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  • Well only he can lower his own guard, you can only make him more comfortable that's all. Yes, it's hard to read a man's mind because a man thinks differently than a woman and feels differently given the same thing. In your case, I think he still likes you, he still cares about you, but there is some confusion in his mind, something that he thinks he needs to figure out on his own.

    • Thanks for the input.
      From a man's mind, is he still gonna go through what he said to start over again? Or do i have to just consider that he will be gone totally soon From what he is All saying and do? Tonight he just texted back "good night. Sweet dreams 😘" with a kissing emoticons. Its confusing.

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  • Tell him that you will give him a very great blowjob. He'll surely wanted that.

  • Did yiu become way kinker


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