Can't seem to move on?

I posted a question six months ago when my girlfriend broke up with me.. I listened to everyone's suggestions.. yet still can't seem to move on... So here's a little background...

Met her in college 4 years ago.. Thought she was cute, others didn't.. loved her personality, others thought since she was quiet , it meant she was bitchy.. So I had a class with her, got to know her really well and ultimately really started to like her. I asked her to date despite what all my friends said about her appearance, etc. I was her first bf, first love, took her virginity, etc.. We were best of friends, deeply in love with one another. She never had friends, or attention from guys. Over the years we were together she became very physically attractive, has a group of friends now, and gets attention from guys.. She eventually dumped me to "see what else is out there" and said that she "doesn't like fat guys" (I am attractive, but chubby..) So basically I was great when she wasn't hot, and didn't have friends.. but now she's too good for me.. I didn't hear from her on my birthday back in October, or for Thanksgiving, and most recently- Christmas. I always think I am over her, and realize that I am not.. I just wonder if she's ever going to realize that she lost something great with me? Why can't I move on? What's it going to take for her to see, and for me to finally realize she's not the one? I feel like I can never re-create the kind of love I had for her with anyone else.. This is still horrible for me 6 months later... Please help.
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So I didn't hear from her at all for Christmas or New Years. Both were very special days during our relationship. I decided that I am not going to hold out hope I will ever hear from her again. It's a shame because all I ever wanted in my life was her.
Can't seem to move on?
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