Can't seem to move on?

I posted a question six months ago when my girlfriend broke up with me.. I listened to everyone's suggestions.. yet still can't seem to move on... So here's a little background...

Met her in college 4 years ago.. Thought she was cute, others didn't.. loved her personality, others thought since she was quiet , it meant she was bitchy.. So I had a class with her, got to know her really well and ultimately really started to like her. I asked her to date despite what all my friends said about her appearance, etc. I was her first bf, first love, took her virginity, etc.. We were best of friends, deeply in love with one another. She never had friends, or attention from guys. Over the years we were together she became very physically attractive, has a group of friends now, and gets attention from guys.. She eventually dumped me to "see what else is out there" and said that she "doesn't like fat guys" (I am attractive, but chubby..) So basically I was great when she wasn't hot, and didn't have friends.. but now she's too good for me.. I didn't hear from her on my birthday back in October, or for Thanksgiving, and most recently- Christmas. I always think I am over her, and realize that I am not.. I just wonder if she's ever going to realize that she lost something great with me? Why can't I move on? What's it going to take for her to see, and for me to finally realize she's not the one? I feel like I can never re-create the kind of love I had for her with anyone else.. This is still horrible for me 6 months later... Please help.

So I didn't hear from her at all for Christmas or New Years. Both were very special days during our relationship. I decided that I am not going to hold out hope I will ever hear from her again. It's a shame because all I ever wanted in my life was her.


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  • well it's hard to move on cause you were with her SO LONG and because it was personality instead of just looks that first attracted you to her and for these reasons she also became ur friend. I feel the same about a boy I really liked who was my friend and who I fell for BECAUSE of his personality. also, it's hard to move on because you are not seeing other GIRLS. in addition, she MIGHT realize that you were good to her if she get's treated terribly by many other guys...if not, then nah I doubt she will...

    **please answer my most recent question***


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  • Well it obvoiusly seems like you two had something special. Its going to take a while to get over her. Let me tell you sleeping around will not help either. Just try to occupy yourself to try to forget. Maybe do some soul searching and figure some things about yourself and build confidence and get back on that horse when your ready things will get better eventually

    • I was so proud to be her boyfriend, regardless of what anyone had to say. I would have died for her and never regretted it for a second. Haven't been sleeping around at all, I just can't help but wonder if she is. She's quite the little party-girl attention whore now, which makes me sad. I just miss her and what we had... I feel so used and it sucks. 4 years!

    • Well you Know what Screw Her! she dosnt deserve a nice guy like you, from what you have said it seems like you were a great guy and some girls do mean things to nice guys I don't know why but some girls are cruel. Just keep repeating this in your head I AM GREAT the more you do it you will belive it!! I know you can do it :)

    • Thank you so much, you're very sweet. She might be able to replace me in appearance, but never in treatment! I unfortunately created a monster, and she'll eventually get used and fall on her face and wish she was back with me. I hope by that point I am moved on and happy. I hope she has a successful life and finds happiness though, I don't wish her bad.. She just hurt me really really bad and I'd never ever wish that kind of pain on her.

  • honestly, it's not worth your time. some girls just like to party, and become bitchy when they believe that they are attractive...because it makes them think that they can have whatever they want. they will think that they deserve the they'll go around and reject people from their lives that they don't think are good enough.

    so essentially two things could happen:

    1. she could get hurt by a guy, decide she misses you, and call you up because you're kind of a safety net to her

    2. she could never attempt to talk to you again.

    its the bitter truth, and I'm sorry. not only do I say this from experience myself, but I also got hurt by a guy, I know how it goes =(


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