My ex and his new girlfriend came to my house 'to see the cat'. WTF? I told him to stay away. Should I facebook her and tell her too?

I'm pissed. My ex knows that seeing him will make me very upset. It's so incredibly disrespectful to come to my house with his new girlfriend. She was driving which was even weirder. I feel like facebooking her to tell her to please not drive him by my house anymore for 2 reasons: She prob. didn't know it was my house & I'd really like this prcks little game to majorly blow up in his face. We've been broken up and year. Who the hell does he think he is?
I told her :)


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  • I'd tell her. And follow up with if they show up again, the police will get a call about being harassed by an ex. What was she thinking - going to some woman's house to see a cat? And she didn't have any clue you were his ex? Not buying that at all.


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  • Tell them you'll call the cops the next time they come around.

    Scare them.

    If you don't want to do this...
    Simply don't react to them coming by your home.
    Don't open the door.
    Don't show you are upset.
    The more you react the more you will make them happy (because they want you to experience those emotions).
    Don't give them the satisfaction


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  • yeah you should tell her, she might even get mad at him for that.

  • Why did you let them in? Why did you even talk to them? Establish some boundaries.

    • I didn't talk to them or let them in? I opened my front door and called for my cat to come in and looked at my ex like he was totally insane.

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