Guys, would you send another text after 2 ignored ones?

My ex boyfriend and I were together for 8 months and we were exclusive. Everything was going great, we had so much fun together, chemistry was good and we were always doing things together like going out of town on trips. I felt that we were really compatible. Then suddenly he withdrew, became a bit distant and I asked him about it. He said he started to feel that he wasn't ready to commit and wanted to spend some time connecting with his 3 year old (has a son from a previous relationship). So we broke up, of course I was heartbroken but I respected his decision. This was 6 weeks ago, and we have not been in any contact except for the occasional general snapchat.

Then a week ago, he sent me a text message asking how I was doing and again last Friday he asked me what I was up to. I haven't responded to either of the texts, because I wasn''t really sure if I wanted to. I have just started to feel better after the heartbreak, but really miss him still so I am starting to regret not answering.

Guys, would you send another text after 2 ignored ones? Would you respond to your ex girlfriend if she sent you a text after she ignored you?


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  • I wouldn't have sent the second text. But I would respond to you if you finally responded to me and told me what's what.

    • Thank you for your feedback. What would you be thinking though by contacting the first time?

  • Depends. If wanted to get back together, after the second non-reply I would open up and explain my situation and tell her how I felt and apologize. At that point the ball is in her court.


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