How can I let this guy know I only like him as a friend?

I met a guy through a friend at college. We've hung out (in a group of friends) a couple of times then he started talking to me online/via text. We talk online mostly (especially since it's winter break now and we're both back in our home towns). I definitely like this guy as a friend but I can't see him as more than that. He's asked me out to eat quite a few times, at first I wasn't sure if he meant it to be a date or not so I agreed, plans never worked out so we haven't gone out yet but he brings it up all the time and now I'm quite sure he likes me and means it as a date. I feel like I can't tell him no because I've already agreed to it before, but leading him on is the last thing I want to do. I definitely want to be friends with him. How should I go about letting him know I just want to be friends without hurting his feelings/making things awkward?


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  • When you reject a guy being friends is usually pretty hard.


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  • I recommend you say something kind and supportive, but with no ambiguous words.

    Something like these ideas:

    "yea, sure we should get (the mutual friend who introduced you) and all of us go out to eat"

    Call him "buddy", "dude" or other platonic term when you respond, like "hey buddy, yeah, I haven't been able to hang out with friends in a long time, sure let's go grab a bite"

    "i'm so glad I have a cool friend like you to do stuff with when I'm at school..."

    I've had guys call me a "cool chick" before, or use similar platonic phrases after the first date that lets you know you are just a friend.

    Unless this guy is socially inept, he'll get it.

    good luck and happy new year.


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