Could there be a second chance?

I dated my first girlfriend for a month and a half before she broke up with me for general reasons relating my lack of experience (ie I told her I "loved" her on the second date because I was too nervous to kiss her). 10 months later I've matured exponentially and I look at that break up as the greatest learning experience of my life. I seriously learned a lot from it, and I am very glad it had happened (though honestly I was not so glad at the time).

I did not know her very well when we dated, but now we're good friends and we hang out from time to time. Now that we know each other better and I've done some necessary growing I'd like to get back together with her. We really don't talk about our past relationship much, and whenever we talk I get the feeling that there's something on her mind that she's not telling me. I may be over thinking it, but it still bothers me nevertheless.

I want to know, is a second chance feasible in my situation? How can I bring it up with her? Any advice as well as opinions would be much appreciated.

We only dated for a month and a half and she did not say she loved me back. "stressed and burdened" very accurately describes her attitude after my awkward advance. I think she took the relationship serious (for a month and a half relationship that is).


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  • well...girls are all different...if you want the real answer...go ask her yourself... something along the lines of "i regret how things ended between us last time...can I perhaps have a second chance?" or something...but make it so that your not implying " DATE ME AGAIN YOU VILE WOMAN!" or something...buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut...that might be a bad idea...but if you really want to find out...LIKE REAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLY...then ask her when the mood is just right...

  • one question before I answer...did you date her for longer than 4~5 months?

    did she ever say I love you back? (two questions sorry)

    girls generally feel burdned or stressed when a guy who they don't know very well or dated only for a short period (a week) tells them they love them...

    a second chance with a girl depends on whether or not she took the past relationship with you seriously...if she did take it seriously she might want to date you again (but if its too long after a breakup then sorry...its too late)...if she is experienced in relationships and didn't really take it seriously...she might want to give you another shot...

    first, ask her gal-friends what she thinks of you...or better yet ask someone you can trust that is close to her...(i.e. your sister is her friend or your best galfriend/guyfriend is her friend)...although I won't suggest you ask a friend to ask her about what she thinks of you...if you want to go ahead


    although I say all this as if I am sure...girls are all different...guys (us) and girls have different ways of thinking...especially as individuals...we do not have the same methods of don't take everything word for is merely an advice...

    Oh and one last thing...try to get over they say..there are many fish in the sea..

    but if you like her that much than go ahead..


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