Why is she behaving like this?

Hello me and my ex girlfriend broke up because i hurt her feelings she was telling me it was over but she was still involving my mother in her life meeting for cofee and different things well anyway one day my mother went to her home and my ex said that if we stopped arguing and i sorted myself we still could still be together she also told my mam she had told her own mother this so i asked her mother and she confirmed this to be true.4 weeks later i found out she had met someone the 3 weeks after the conversation with my mam i also find out that it was a friend of mie they met on night out she then decides to get with him after 2 weeks put relationship status on facebook and rubbed my nose in it so i went off it and sent threatining and nasty emails over a 2 day period so she decides to get police and i have now got restraining order against me she could not see that i was jus really hurt by situation and i was sayng things to hurt her. any way a few months pass i run into her in our local town she then struck me with her fist and sent this message i will copy and paste it to you all i no this sounds really awful i am 26 and had a few relationships in the past and nothing like this has happened before when we were together it was great we were talking about marrige she has a little boy who i loved and he loved me and at one point we thought we were having baby together i really love this girl i just want peoples honests opinion if we could at least be friends in future i just want to no how her little boy is getting on more than anything i will copy and paste her message.

hi i don't know if you will get this email im not too sure if i blocked it, im sorry about
the weekend you honestly don't know how much you have put me through and the hate rid i
have towards you its unreal, but i think in time when i have calmed down maybe we both
should be grown up about it and have a chat after all we both have to live around here.<
could do with more peoples opinions i really love this girl


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  • she's just very immature it seems.

    • do you think she may have feelings still i dont think she would be so bothered if she wasn't but thats just my opinion i need some other opinions.

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  • To me it seems like she really hated you because of the breakup but in my opinion, if someone still hates you from a breakup it means that they still have feelings for you. They still have yet to move on from what has happened and are reacting in a way that feels appropriate to them - which is hitting you in this case. It seems like she wants to have a talk to clear things up once and for all, whether that is to get back together or to stay broken up forever with no hard feelings against each other

    • i deffo agree she has feelings at the same time i think i hurt her and she is going out her way to hurt me even tho she has ne boyfriend she puts quotes up on her facebook one said the greatest revenge against someone who hurt you and broght you down is to be happy then she had another one that said dont worry about the people that have hurt you worry about the person that made you smile again then she had anothe r one that said be happy it drives people crazy just little things like that its killing me as i love her to bits.

    • Hmm. Well since she has a boyfriend that kind of complicates the whole thing. Don't really know if he is a rebound or not but one thing that I've come to realize is that a lot of girls try to end up hurting their ex's as some way of "payback" even though such "payback" is in no way justifiable.

      With all breakups, emotions are all over the place and the things that both parties do tend to be confusing and usually not the best thing to do. She said she wanted to talk right? So take that opportunity to let your feelings be known. Although the one thing that I'm worried about is that maybe she just wants to talk in order to hear if you are being hurt by what she is doing - which is bad because knowing that you've been hurt by her actions just makes her feel even better by yourself.

      Sorry to hear about all of this. I wish I could give you better advice but hopefully my words will help getting you thinking.

    • i just find it very odd that she has blocked me off Facebook but kept all my friends on and still puts quotes on her wall blatantly about me

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