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It's been a little over 3 weeks since my boyfriend and I broke up. I've been miserable. I've lost my appetite and I wake up in the middle of the night with that sinking feeling in my stomach. I've reached out to a couple of my close girlfriends (they also happen to be friends with my ex) but I'm trying to give him space. He has text me a few times and I'll reply, but I've made a point not to talk to him first. I just didn't want to complicate things further. That kind of went down the toilet this weekend though. We are part of the same close knit group of friends which makes this even harder. I had a small housewarming party at my new place on Saturday night. He had contacted me a couple times during the week, so I decided to invite him when he text me on Thursday. Well, we both had a bit to drink and ended up having a 2 hour very intense conversation at 2 in the morning. I'm even more confused as to why we broke up than before. He told me he's taken our breakup very hard and even told me he still has feelings for me. I actually told him that I'm not completely convinced that breaking up was the right decision. I told him that I'm glad we've both had time to think and figure out what we want, but I still really care about him. He kept apologizing and saying it was all his fault and that he's in a weird place. He never said he wanted to get back together, but he talked a lot about how much he cares about me and that I'm the best girl he's ever dated. Do you think he might want to get back together? Has anyone else been in this situation?


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  • Seems to me like both of you are just waiting for the other to make the first move by saying that you miss each other. The reason why none of you have acted on your feeliings is because you are afraid of the others reaction. From my experience, I would cast my pride away and just go and tell him how you feel. That way you eliminate all doubt of losing him and if you two don't end up getting back together then at least you'l have peace of mind


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  • Since you both seem to be communicating rather well, I think you should let him know you feel the same way.
    Talk about getting back together again.
    You both clearly still love each other, and want to make things work.

    All relationships have ups and downs.
    That's what makes the bond between the couple grow stronger.
    I have faith you both can work through this.

    He realizes where he went wrong... now all he needs is opportunity to correct those mistakes again.
    He poured his heart out to you.
    It's time you do the same and give him another chance.

    Best wishes

    • Thank you! It's so good to get advice from someone who isn't part of the scenario already. I appreciate your take and I think you're right. He text me again last night, so I think I'm just going to ask him to coffee and talk.

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  • why hasn't he just asked u to be his girlfriend already? dont wait for him please. act like u dont care about what he wants. what matters are his actions.


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