What does it mean when my boyfriend does not response to my text messages?

Okay, so I texted him but he hasn't texted me back yet its been a week, he didn't say that he wanted to break up or anything but yesterday I texted him and told him that if he wants to breakup, just tell me, don't leave me hanging like that, I'm not an option, and still no response.. He still has me on all social media.. And he gets online a lot.. Its not like he's offline all the time.. I'm so confused.. Can someone help me please.. What is that mean?


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  • Sounds like he is talking to other people as much as i hate to say it
    and you seem to be more loyal to him and your laid back , mature
    but on his end i can bet he is talking to other people it could be girls
    or maybe guys he knows , It's horrible to leave someone hang for
    days at time when you text them and get no response back from them
    if he's doing this now what would it be like if you two continue the
    relationship these are things you gotta consider?


Most Helpful Girl

  • He doesn't sound like a good boyfriend if he's constantly ignoring you.

    I would leave him.

    Personally, when I am in a relationship with someone I want to feel like I matter. He's treating you like you don't.
    What's the point of a relationship with him? If he's going to be self-centered and not consider your needs.

    It doesn't sound like he takes you seriously.
    You seem like a wonderful girl and deserve far better than that.
    You deserve someone who listens and responds to you.

    Don't ever sell yourself short to anyone.
    Best wishes!


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  • yeah i can tell he's young. honey, move on. he's not man enough to be real with u and tell u what he's thinking.

  • Sounds like a jerk to me. If he's your boyfriend, and can't make the time to respond to a text message for a week, he needs to be shown the door. No one is ever that busy.

  • WTF? He's being a straight up ass and a baby! Have you gone to his house? That would be the last attempt I'd do!

  • Why haven't you called him or something? If he doesn't answer your call, see it as him breaking up and move on.


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