Guys, Why does my ex keep bringing me up?

Me and my ex split over a month ago. He was just too indecisive about a relationship and even the break up was left "on the hook", filled with maybes, and "like, you's". He texted me last week apologizing for everything and he said he doesn't know when he'll be ready to be in a relationship given family issues (his dad has cancer). He said moving on made sense and I agreed. Now he's pretty close with my bestfriend and they talk at least once a week. He constantly brings me up to her and always good things/ past memories she is never the one to initiate it he is always the one to start talking about me. Last week he was at a bachlor party with fiends and he spent that time texting my friend talking about me.. I obviously still care about him but I'm just so confused. I mean if he wanted to move on why does he still bring me up?


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  • If he was indecisive about the relationship ending, then he likely has regrets. Therefore, he is still bringing you up. Whether those regrets will translate into action is a different question completely.


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  • If he wanted to move on, I think he'd prevent talking to your friends (unless he's extremely close to them). Honestly I think he still likes you. This texting between him and your best friend could be his attempt to get you back. He obviously knows that as your best friend, she'll tell exactly what he said. This is a subtle way of communicating with you and trying to see what your response is. If you want him back, then give him positive answers or gestures. Don't be hard-to-get because it'll just confuse both of you way more.

    OR he really likes your best friend and is trying to make those things that happened from your relationship shine some good ass light on him. As if he's trying to make himself seem relationship-worthy to your best friend.

    I think he still wants you though. If he was dedicating that whole time texting your best friend about you then damn. He wants you haha

    • Well he is in a sense good friends with her she is actually dating his bestfriend! They always talk at least once a week and he is always the one to initiate conversation about me. The thing is he is the one who broke things off with me we only saw eachother for about 3 months and he was well aware I eventually wanted a relationship. He said maybe he couldn't be in one cause of where he is at and also he didn't want to hurt me. His dad's very sick so I completely understand that a relationship now may not be the best time. We have talked a few times and it's been great conversation I even met him up to get my things and we had dinner it all went pretty well as friends though. He does send a few signals but ultimately he is just indecisive I don't want a rerun of the past. We haven't spoken since last week and I'm just wondering if I should text him or leave it be? I see all the things your saying though! thanks for your advice!☺️

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  • he's not over you.


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