Why does this happen?

My boyfriend broke up with me last week telling me enough is enough. We haven't spoken since then but now he's texting a girl he knew that I hated with a passion because she was trying to get him while we were in a relationship. Why do some guys do that? Tell their girlfriend that they shouldn't worry about this girl & as soon it's over? They text the exact same girl that was trying to text him before this annoys me so much.


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  • There are healthy and unhealthy break ups. This was an unhealthy one for him. A man is supposed to
    Move on, but he is lingering to get "revenge" by upsetting you. It's dreadful behavior.


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  • the other girl was waiting for the right time to get closer to him!
    but i don't think you should bother anymore since he forms part of your past now


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  • yeah, he was lying to you lots of guys do that.


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