Did anyone ever get back with their ex after a really bad fight?

I'm just curious because my boyfriend & I were together for 8 months then he ended it because I misunderstood what he told me, I told my friend then a whole situation happened and he ended it last week. I'm doing the no contact rule to see if anything happens but at the same time I'm moving on because I know I deserve better. I love him so much and I take so long to move on especially in this case because he was my first love😪😪 but he doesn't want my apologies ( in my last text not recently). I don't want to bother him but I'll be seeing him a lot since we're in the same school and I dunno how I'll cope :(


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  • i leave after a bad fight no goodbyes cause they are just too painful.


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  • i read your post if you still have any feelings for him and want him back you can email me on my private email there are some advice i will give to you and both of you will be back he will never want to cheat on you again ok this is my email mccartkatty@gmail. com


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