Should I claim my parents as abusive on financial aid?

As I'm getting older I'm seeing my parents for what they really are. I've built a lot of resentment and all these years I thought I was severely flawed but I'm thinking the reasons I have been miserable all these years is because of all the anxiety and uneasy household j grew up in. Nothing physical just a very unstable household with constant fighting. I'm thinking about claiming abuse on my financial aid for college so I can qualify. I'm still a a dependent until I'm 24 and they make too much money. The school assumes they are helping me because they make money yet they won't help me with anything. There has to be a way around this. It's getting bad.. we fight all the time they are just impossible people and they get very mean call me names say I'm the devil and a lot of other things.


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  • They may be mean, but not abusive.

    • Guess you have never had parents like this ( lucky you )
      I did, definitely emotionally abusive. It's hard to grow up as a kid in this situation

  • Find a job.

    • Yep have a job. Work full time with full units. Still not possible to move out.. got any other words of motivation?

    • Then try to change your life or improve it.

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