What makes you want/don't want to stay friends with an ex?

This question is more for the guys. But girls can answer, too. (:

My ex and I are pretty close friends, having gotten over a lot of hurt from when we were dating. We only dated for a couple of months (on and off) so it's not like we ever said I love you or had sex. He broke up with me, but tried really hard to stay friends.

I'm aware of the fact that I'm someone he kind of rebounds on in between girls (as in...talks to and wants to hang out with a LOT more). And I guess I do the same.

That being said, what makes a guy wanna stay friends? I always hear about how weird my friendship with him is. If I ever wanted to kiss him, he'd let me. But I don't always let him. So I guess I agree, but I'm used to it. I just don't know if it bothers him or not.


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  • I think that most guys want things to be "normal" after a break-up and be friends so they can get over the break-up and replace you as "girlfriend" into "friend" in their minds. Also, I think it's so he can feel like a good person and not have any enemies. Guys like consistancy too, he just doesn't want you to drop out of his life after you've been here all this time. Last but not least I think it is because he wants to feel like a good person, like when me and my ex stopped being friends I felt like a horrible person, and to this day I wish I could just be friends with him, so I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that. Hope this helps!


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