How to break it off with a guy?

I've been talking to this guy for a bit over three months, in the beginning we got along quite well, we talked every day But we just had one date. After that date I didn't quite feel that we vibed anymore and then he went out of the country for 3 weeks or so and that didn't make things better. He came back a changed man, and he was still interested, but he gave some hints that he wants to change me in some kind of way. And that made me realize that he didn't like the way I was and that's a reason enough for me to say goodbye. Now I don't want to hurt his feelings cause he is a very nice and a good guy. But he's not the guy for me and I'm not the girl for him. I just know. How to make this less painful as possible for him and make him think positive about this without hurting my reputation. I'm afraid he'll be backbiting me after this.. And I really don't have any grudges towards him..


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  • Face him down, for this Might be Best from the Rest here, dear, Being you feel a 'Backbiting' Bit could Occur, With: I am sorry, I really do like you, I enjoy your company, but with you being gone, I have realized with much thinking, that I am Not ready nor raring for a Real Relationship right now, and I think being friends is the best way for me to go right now. I'm sorry, i didn't meant o hurt you, but I need to be honest so I do not end up really hurting you in the end and I also want to be Fair. You are so nice, you deserve to be happy with someone who may want what you want.
    Do Not lead him on after this speech. Go about your life and make sure he isn't in It with any of his own strife. If he has 'Changed,' let's hope he got smart enough when going not some stone's throw, to Know when to lay off.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand.. Thank you for All of the Votes of Confidence.:)) xxoo

    • Always! It Was very helpful. You managed to calm me down haha :)

    • lol... Then I did a job well done.:)) xxoo

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  • Tell him that he's a nice guy, but unfortunately, you don't feel there is sufficient chemistry to move forward with anything beyond a friendship, and apologize if this hurt his feelings any.


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  • The best thing you can do is be direct, just tell him you don't think there's anything romantic there. He won't like it but you will be doing him a favor

  • just leave it, let it fizzle out you dont have anything to call off, you aren't in a relationship :)


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