Should I take her back again? please help!!

so my x and I were in a good relationship, and I was completely devote to her and was always loyal. However one night she got very drunk and and cheated on me three times, one of which was my best mate. Now, I'm extremely laid back and take bad news very well so when she told me this I forgave her instantly, however all my mate said I was being stupid. 3 weeks later she broke up with me and won't tell me why. I felt kind off foolish for thinking she wouldn't leave me after I took her back but I got over these feelings quickly. she is giving off signs that she like me again and to be honest I want her back more than anything, but I don't want to made a fool of again. should I take her back or look for someone else?


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  • I can only tell you that if you do take her back you're giving her a free ticket to cheat on you again! NOT to be with you but to be a cheater again. It sounds like she has little respect for you and for herself. C'mon boy, you don't wanna be with someone who doesn't love you, you're wasting your time chasing after someone who basically doesn't want to be with you.


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  • you should follow your heart

    but I think that you could do better

    and if I were a guy then I wouldn't want a girlfriend who gets drunk

    it isn't potential girlfriend/boyfriend material

    oh and by the way thanks for answering my question

    i tried to mark you as best answer but it wouldn't let me

    and your answer was brilliant hilarious and hopefully true


  • Move on!

    you don't need a girl like that in your life

    She is messing you about, and obvioulsy doesn't care about you.

    she was the one that cheated and the one who ended it, It's her loss, not yours

    hope this helps

  • i see your under 18. don't waste anymore time with this girl. you have your whole life ahead of u. worry about school not some slutty girl.


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  • I'll tell you why she broke up with you: she doesn't respect you, because you're a doormat.

    A woman who gets drunk and screws a platoon--one that happens to include your BEST FRIEND--is testing you in the worst way. The only way to past this test is read her the riot act, then dump her on her *ss. Then, after a long and heartfelt penance, you can begin to consider taking her back.

    Forgiving her instantly was a huge mistake. Forgiving her now is a huge mistake. Be p*ssed for a while, you're entitled.

    P.S.: Don't tell me you forgave your "best friend" too. That would be shameful.

    • I think you can forgive your friend. its was your girlfirends fault not his. any guy is going to take what he can. but now you know not to trust him. but hopefully next time you can trust your new girlfriend and you won't have to worry about anything.

    • "any guy is going to take what he can."

      Wrong. Absolutely wrong.

      It may not be P.C., but "bros before hos" and "chicks before d*cks". Among friends, real friends, there are such things as loyalty and betrayal.

      The girl is just a fast piece of *ss--she can be dumped and forgotten. The friend, though, the BEST FRIEND, put a knife in his brother's back, and he needs to pay.

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