How to get over someone?

So I met this guy, this guy and I were hitting it off pretty good. We even made out, on like 3 separate occasions (I thought he loved me but I guess I was wrong). The sad thing was he had 3 exs before me and yet I was his first kiss... :/ Anyways, then he said he couldn't commit and we kind of broke it off. Anyways I can't stop day dreaming about him and I keep thinking we would reunite one day. I really don't know how to stop.


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  • Best way to get over some one it to get under some one else.


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  • Oh dear, that's tricky.
    My best advice would be to delete photos, pics, contact etc first. Then, start a new hobby - yoga, dancing, maybe a new haircut too - and finally realize you could do SO much better than that guy!
    Good luck xx

    Source: been there, done that.


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