Is this a good reason to breakup with someone?

I use my computer while on the phone. I work 2-11, so only time I have to use my cpu is in the morning to look for other jobs, design, and just for my own leisure. girlfriend felt like I wasn't paying attention to her but I gave detailed responses to everything she said. Im a forgetful person by nature but she blames my cpu. She expects me to be on video call but refuses to come on herself. Its awkward looking at just yourself so I look elsewhere. She hates that im doing anything but paying attention to her. Should I stop using my laptop to get her back or should I let her go?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I might not break up with her over this, but I'd definitely have a serious conversation about what you all expect from each other. If you can't come to a decision that the both of you can live with, then you should break up.

    • She said this is serious for her. I think the rom coms are altering her perception of how guys and relationships actually work

    • Still have the conversation and be honest about what you want and expect out of her. Be sure to be honest about your time limitations.

Most Helpful Guy

  • Just seems like a one-sided relationship in my opinion.
    I personally think you should.

    She seems super clingy, you have to work to live. What's she gonna do when you move in with her and you work full time? Is she just gonna call you at work.

    I personally would never date someone like that. I like my space.

    • She takes many things personal really easily and her feelings are as fragile as glass. Im not as obsessed with my laptop as she believes. When she is around I give her my attention but I can't be expected to not doing anything for hours at a time calls

    • She is lost bro. I could never ever date someone like man. Controlling and possessive.

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What Girls Said 2

  • Let her go. I see a Full circle Problem Pattern that will Never get better, even behind the computer curtain, @DaCrownlessKing.
    She will Never change, it will Only get worse and Instead of Being lovey dovey, you might as will Be... Alone, online and Off, without her, anyways.
    Good luck. xx

  • What does she do? Maybe she has to much free time.


What Guys Said 1

  • Have you suggested a sleep over? It would be fun! You can watch movies, you could lay back with her in your arms, and you could paint each other's nails.


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