We broke up on good terms, but he's being cold to me now, what should I do?

I am moving away soon and that was one of his reasons to break up, I understood his reasons and accepted them, although it hurt me a lot. While emotionally charged, i told him to not contact me unless it was important, i regret those words so much. Since the break up its been 3 weeks and we have only communicated 3 times, one because I missed him, the other two about getting my stuff back.

He claims to have become emotionally detached since the break up, said it was a waste of gas to bring me my stuff, and when he did, he didn't even look at me. It hurts a lot and all I want is there to be an open communication between us, not to get back together, because that would just cause more pain, but I don't want to be strangers with him.

What can I do to be able to talk to him again?


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  • Well you said it yourself that you don't want him to contact you unless it's important, so you said those words and he took it seriously, so now he thinks there can never be something so important that he will have the need to contact you and I think he will even make sure that nothing so important ever arises as such, on his part he will ensure the same.

    One has to be careful before saying or doing anything otherwise it will only lead to the person feeling regret later on. I don't think he will contact you or that you can get him to talk to you again, chances are less.

    Next time please be careful.


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  • Give him some time. Most people n


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  • He is doing what he needs to do to keep himself distanced from you. It sounds as if he was hurt and is trying to insulate himself with anger. It is not an uncommon response. Don't take it personally and accept the fact that you will be strangers because that is the only way he can handle it.


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