Me and my man have been split up four months, we just started talking again and think I ruin it, he calls me sometimes, is there still a chance?

He hasn't called me back since three days after that I was upset so he called finally again and he sounded upset, he told me he still needs time and that he wants to go out to truck driving school that really hurt me, he told me ita up to me to wait, then I was hurt and I kind of started questioning him he got mad and said I ruin his mood for the dt, he hung up and I called like over thirty times he wouldn't answer, I was so in my feelings I feel we just got it back on track a little and I messed it up, guys how can i make it right, what should I tell him if he calls back, I've already poured my heart out and we were supposed to get back together but I think I messed it up last night by calling after he hung up, I don't like the no contact, is there anything I can tell him guys to make him remember it, any words I can tell him before I loose him for good , just to let him know how I feel before I stop calling or a while to give him space, we were together nine years, he keeps telling me he is working on himself and he wants me to work on my attitude and to be humble, he dis call me a few days ago and out the blue told me he loves me he just wants to get himself straight or he won't be able to keep us straight, this was a few days ago before I messed it up, but I know if I call tomorrow he will call me back


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  • So you've gone from 0 to 100mph in a few days. You were broken up. You're trying to hard to get it back together. Treat it like a new relationship. It takes time to build it up. You can't build a house overnight. It takes time. Enjoy the new beginning because that's exactly what it is, a new relationship. He is telling you what he is doing. Working on himself. Either support it or don't.

    • Ok, that makes so much sense, thank you, I dis call him twice today he sent called back, I will wait I guess, I have done my part now its time for him to call me, but what if he doesn't, I don't want to keep being the first to call, should I just wait on him to return my call or call one more time?

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    • @leileiladybug
      Might be an idea now to tell him what you want. Say to him straight out. Either we are together or we aren't. You're not going to be his booty call anymore. When he makes up his mind to give you a call. But now you've got to walk away and mean it. It is hard but it's time to have some self respect. Sounds as though he is using you for sex.

      I do hope you follow this advice. It will be hard to begin with but with time it will get easier.

    • We haven't had sex a all since the real up, I haven't had sex with him in six months, and I don't plan on it if we are not together, don't know where you read that at, he did call today and ask me if I wanted a washer and dryer set his friend was selling, I don't know what to think right now, seems like he is over me but then again we may work it out in time, who knows, if he didn't care he wouldn't call at all so I guess I have a little hope

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  • he might just need more time. or maybe he's moved on. since you've already tried contacting him and gotten no response, you should probably just leave it alone so you dont invade his space or upset him.
    some closure would b nice, but u might not get it if he's not willing to give it to you :( im sorry

    • I don't think he has moved on, he wants to go to truck driver school and he says that we can be together but he just needs for me to be patient so he can get himself together, if he has moved on then I don't see the pont in him saying we can still move in together and what he expects from me, do you really think he has moved on? I think he wouldn't mind telling me if he has, I'm just so fast acting I can never be patient that's my problem, he does answer my calls sometimes and he calls me back when I call him, its just that argument

    • its really hard to say or know for sure... but if he's not talking to you, there has to be some reason. you could always try contacting him again and see what happens. maybe leave him a message or text or something. so he knows how ur feelin

  • There's still a chance.

    • What do I need to do I blew his phone up after he hung up, I feel like I back tracked the process, should I call him and if so what to say, or do I need to just stop calling

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