I think my ex has a new girlfriend and I am finding it very hard to deal with it?

He dumped me 6 months ago, we were in a LDR for 3 years. His reasons were that he is not happy with his life and that he needs to fix it. That was true, though. His life was a mess, he dropped school, got into a depression, wasn't leaving his room for years, just played video games all day, didn't want to find a job, then started taking medications and stuff. Then he just said that he can't offer me future right now and that he needs to be on his own for awhile. I was heartbroken but I respected it, even though it was possible that he just lied. Well a month later, he went back to school. He said that that is a good place to start. But he stopped contacting me and we haven't heard from each other in like 2 weeks. He deleted his accounts on social media and practically disappeared. The last time we talked I said something like "as soon as you find a new girlfriend you are gonna disappear" and he said "I can promise you that won't find a girlfriend any time soon because that's not what I want" and I asked "you can promise?" and he said "right now, 100% yes". And then he disappeared.

That "right now" got stuck in my mind and today I have this aweful feeling that he found a girlfriend. That it was all a lie and that he is so happy. Even if he doesn't right now, he will eventually. He will meet a nice girl (I know she is gonna be great because he would never go for anything less) and he will feel about her the same thing he felt about me when we met. She will feel same about him and they will be very happy together. They gonna have amazing sex and I am not gonna cross his mind at all. Even if I do he is gonna think "well life is actually good without her, should've done it earlier" and then turn back to his girlfriend and kiss her and hold her. He might even marry her since this time he is gonna be a changed man who got his shit together. This time he will have what to offer, but to someone else. And the thought of it makes me so goddamn sad!
And even though he thinks he doesn't want a girfriend he is so easy and such a fine piece, any girl would go for him. And I'm here, alone, not not able to find a single date! I tried approaching but no one is interested in me. Hell I'm not even that interested but I had to try at least. I know it's gonna take me a long time to find someone else because it's always like that, guys don't approach me for some reason, even though I'm good looking. But it has always been easy for him.


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  • yeah that really sad that he is doing this thing my girlfriend I am in LDR i really make her annoyed that she left me and says me fuck off don't know why she cry for me every time if he don't want me to meat me as a person

  • Hmmm ever thought about approaching guys?


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