Will he unblock me? why would u block someone? why if we had a great time? did he used me?

I had a fight with the guy I was dating, well I went crazy and I removed him from facebook (before our fight, i did it cuz i wanted to stop stalking him and because I sense he was seeing someone else) and he lives in a different country now. And I was right he was seeing someone new and told me he can’t see how we can’t keep in touch, then we argue and told him i was pissed cuz i thought we were friends. after all he said he didn’t want to add me bck on facebook cuz he is dating someone and I’ve been acting crazy with tons of messages and silly things. and he also said that that was startintg to bothering him. I’ve been knowing him for about 2 months. and our dates were great, and he used to pay for every date and we had a blast, he also said that he doesn’t remember me like I’ve been acting in the texts. so a couple of weeks after I apologized and he said thanks. ad that he apreciattes it. another day I texting him saying hi and he blocked me. did he used me?


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  • That depends on him as well as how worse your fight was. Looks like he won't unblock you if you had really insulted him in the past. May be another reason is that he is currently dating another girl. I have also blocked some girls who tried to insult me, stab on my back by gossiping bad things about me. I just tried to delete them from my mind and move on, never wanted to meet them again for whatever reason. Anyway, it depends. If you are really apologetic and it was just a petty fight (without backstabbing him), he might not mind you as being a friend, but you can't probably expect that same warm friendship again.

    • I didn't insulted him. I would never. I only said things like I should have leave u go with someone elses, i didn't like him at first cuz i saw him more as a friend, I felt like a kleenex to you blablabla and I apologized, he accepted it. but then he blocked me, when i tried to initiate contact again.

    • apologize for my grammar

    • and we were in contact after that. he just block me now.

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  • Use you for what?

    • cuz we used to date when he was visiting my country. I feel like a leftover, that no longer serves him cuz he's not here anymore. so all the nice memories we had are like non existent. I feel like why would he dated me if I bothered him so much and no longer want to be in contact with me. I wasn't his girlfriend, I thought we were friends. we didn't had sex, that 's why I thought it was a genuine relation.

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    • Move on*

    • Thank you for MH

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  • I'll only block people who insult me and then block me to stop me from answering.

    Once in a week or month I'll look at my list and unblock all of them.( Usually it's empty. )

  • No he's completely respecting you by moving on and not continuing the feelings.


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  • apreciattes


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