How to let him down easy?

Ok so me and this kid aren't even dating but he's started texting me and he's alright but he comes on VERY strong. Like he was calling me beautiful A LOT, and saying how he missed me on the FIRST DAY and talking about how much he likes me but we don't even talk in person and have only texted twice. I finally told him to fall back and he acted upset so I told him we could still be friendly but he needs to stop acting like we're dating cuz we don't talk in person (we don't have to opportunity to). Now he's talking about trying to talk to me more. Tbh I don't find him that attractive or funny or anything so I just want him to leave me alone. What should I say/do?


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  • You have to let him know that he's a great or cool person, but tell him that he's not the right person for you. If he keeps on pressuring you then cut off communication.


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  • Just tell him the truth. But do it nicely.

    • How? That was the point lol

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