Am I wrong for this?

Am i wrong for going against my own wishes and lowering my self esteem self worth and self respect 2 ask my ex 2 try and work things out even tho she blatantly and rudely rejects me? The reason im. asking is because not only do i love her but mainly because my son and daughter miss her. My son (4) and daughter (9 months) have been with me since the break up and my ex only sees the kids when she decides 2 come over. She claims 2 love the kids and everything but her actions show otherwise. I feel as if she's enjoying her freedom and no responsibility with her life again and enjoy the man that she left me for mr home wrecker. The reason i say this is because when i ask my son what does he want as far as the situation he wants his mommy and daddy. When she comes and we stand next 2 each other he pushes us closer together so we can be on one another. I show him pictures of random girls just 2 see what he says i ask do u want daddy 2 b with her? He'll reply no next picture same answer until i get 2 my exes photo he starts saying mom mommy mommy. Ill ask do u want me 2 b with mom? He'll reply yes please. I spoke with her on the phone today (she somehow called) and i let her talk 2 him. He kept talking 2 her and kept saying i love u i miss u come home and etc. She really didn't say anything when we would say it. Once i got the phone back i told her even tho i have 2 get over everything that u have done 2 me i can do it because seeing us together is what makes the kids happy. She is so negative toward the entire idea she states that I'm only using the kids 2 get her back and im only playing mind games and that if i don't get what i want I'll push her out of the kids lives. She thinks putting them throughout the trauma of going back and forth is better because that's what she wants she's not considering what they want. Why am i still pushing for a family that clearly she doesn't want. As an individual i would not take her back but since that's what makes my kids happy i would
Also she got mad at me called me all sorts of things that she never does. Lately she's been doing things that she normally wouldn't. Her new boyfriend is a drug addict that recently go out of jail so i feel that she is turning 2 drugs because the way she is toward me now is completely different. I told her next time she came over i wanted her 2 take a drug test for the safety of the kids. She rudely replied ill take the drug test right now i have nothing 2 hide. I feel something is totally wrong


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  • Children need stability , love and security to thrive and be happy. Sometimes this can't be the case when two people stay together.

    Children adapt quickly and easier than adults do. You can't allow a child to make a decision of whether you get back together or not with your ex. Children should never be put in a position of such responsibility, if the relationship falls apart the child will blame themselves. Plus, you shouldn't be showing photos of other woman and asking your child if you they want you to be with that person... it is quite cruel. It will confuse the child.

    If your ex is unreliable and doesn't show the children any love then being together will not make her act any differently towards the children. She will probably start feeling resentful towards them... her actions toward them will show it too. This will cause your children more pain, constant pain at that

    It is better for them to hurt short - term.. missing their mum with her not in their life, than to put them through the long - term pain she will cause them, if you are both together.

    Of course children want their parents together , but you can't allow a 4 year to make a decision... a life changing one. If you don't ask your child what he wants and not talk about other women or ask if he misses his mum. He won't even think about you getting back together. It is you who is keeping the issue in his mind.

    Children as young as your live in the moment, they don't concerns themselves with yesterday or tomorrow. They accept the " here and now" and theit thoughts can be easily distracted onto more pleasant things. Your children should be enjoying doing what kids do... they shouldn't be brought into adult decision making. Do what is best in the long - term for your kids. If their mother doesn't want to be in their life or won't put them first , then you should do all you can with all of your abilty to ensure you succeed in being a single father.


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  • I think it's time to let your ex go, and go on with your life and the kids. Raising kids as a single parent (even if it's a few years) is not easy but many people have done that. It's just the cards life gave you. You just buckle up for the ride and take life by the horns and go on.

    Your kids need their dad right now to show them all the love you can. When the 4yr old asks about mom, just tel him mom isn't coming home today and that you and him will have a great time together in whatever you do.

    One female responder had it right when she said that kids live in the here and now and move on faster than us adults do. Put on your best "Daddy" face and enjoy them as they grow up!

    If you get involved with any other women, make sure you have the kid's future in mind with her being a potential mom for them. I'd not let the kids see other women you date until you feel that relationship has some strong traction. You don't want to confuse kids with a bunch of different dates you go out with.

    It's definitely time to move on without your ex.

    • Yea i see that point but i just feel that I'm not gonna put my kids through that I'm willing 2 live my life alone rather than have someone come in and b around them and end up leaving one day

    • For the time being, it's time to mourn the loss of a wife and that relationship. Be the Dad the kids need and focus on that. In time, you'll be ready to date again. When that time happens, shield the kids from your dates until you find someone who has those beautiful qualities and character for the kids AND you. Then introduce your "friend" to the kids and let them adjust to having her in your and their lives long before ever considering marriage. It takes time though...

    • I think I'm just at a point in life 2 where i know or thought i knew what i wanted which was the family i had right there. This generation is so ridiculous 2 me thinking after u have a child its ok 2 leave instead of working on fixing whatever it may be going on. The kids both parents if u were just gonna run u shouldn't b having sex in the first place

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  • Keep your dignity. hasn't she disrespected you enough? Do not continue to play the fool

    Some times what we want is not always what is best for us. That shows from her actions

  • Just let it go and move on


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