If your going through a break up, but plan on getting back together, is not having sex that whole period of time ok?

I have been split from my ex four months now, we haven't had sex at all during those four months, is that bad? We are planning on being together soon, but I know he has had sex with someone, I just want to know is it a bad thing that we haven't had sex in four months that's how long we have been broken up, will he catch feelings for someone else just cause we haven't had sex or will it be a new experience when we do come back together? is it a bad thing we have went this long? We had a bad break up and tryng to get it back together we are taking our time


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  • Are you an idiot? "Is it bad that me and my ex weren't having sex while we weren't together? We're planning on getting back together soon though he's sleeping with someone else." Brilliant move.

    • Your a dumb ass, I'm sure he is having sex its a break up, I didn't say I knew though, its common sense

    • It's common sense not to get back with your ex and to not have sex with your ex when you're broken up

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  • It's not bad that you haven't had sex. It's actually a good thing! If he truly wants you back, then he would have asked to be back with you. I'm not really sure of your situation, but if he truly wants you back, has he even asked?

    Why are you two waiting to get back together? Also, why is he with other women if he plans on getting back with you?

    There's a lot of things here that don't add up.

    I think you should refrain from sex until you two are officially back together. I feel like if he wants you back but hasn't asked, he might just be stringing you along. You should be very careful with this guy.

    • Yea we have talked about it, it was just a bad break up, and I don't know if he has been with anyone but four months in sure he has, I can't be mad we were broken up, he just wants me to take my time I did a lot and so did he, I'm a nagger and I never trusted him, he really is trying to see if I have changed my ways but I keep prooving him wrong, we are not really waiting it's just a new start and so much went on

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  • ... But I know he has had sex with someone...
    You Need to ask yourself More than just this Question at hand here, Dear: Is he ready again to be a couple with me?
    If he has gone astray while both of you are Brokeup, of course, he became a free bird and had a free Will of his own to be his own straw boss. Now tha the May be talking and squawking of 'Being together soon,' make sure it is what You both really Want and that he doesn't go Nesting with Another while in a nest with you again.
    I say this because he got a taste of the Good life with no relationship strife, and may ave liked this taste of honey.
    I am going to try and give him the benefit of the doubt and not be this Doubting Thomas. If you are saying "No" right now, good for you. It shows him you are Not going to give in until you are again hooked at the hip and not some Friends with benefits Fact or Factor.
    Keep an eye on things and don't let him make lame duck excuses where you find out that with 'We have went this long,' he may be having his Cake and Eating it too, while trying to get you to eat ou5 of his hand.
    Good luck. xx

  • Honestly honey and not to be rude or anything but if he's taking his time he's probably already disinterested. You could try and play the jealousy game and go on a date when he's near by but I don't know if he's the jealous type that could jump start him. Maybe just ask to hookup maybe that would lead to something? I don't think it's a bad thing but sex shouldn't be a major part of your relationship. If he only likes you cause of sex then why stay with him?

    • We went on a date Friday and it went good, he is mainly trying to see if I have changed my ways, I'm impatient and its making him think more to stay away, I think he still loves me but he also has a lot going on, he want to get himself together , and he says until he can get himself together he can't be what he really wants for his family which is me and his kids, I don't know I'm almost giving up but I think I just need to change my ways

  • Yes, it's fine

    • Do you ladies think we could start over and things be better, since we haven't touches in months? I thought maybe it would turn him off from me

  • yes its okay.


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